Other serious international design awards:


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Arts and Crafts ChallengeArtistic Works ChallengeWebdesign ChallengeBlue Challenge
Brown Products ChallengeBusiness Strategy ChallengeSports Car ChallengeCar Challenge
Communication ChallengeFashion ChallengeFurniture ChallengeCraft Challenge
Logo ChallengeDigital Arts ChallengeFood ChallengeHotel Challenge
Luxury Hotel ChallengeIdea and Concept ChallengeIntelligent ChallengeLighting Challenge
Lighting Fixtures ChallengeMedical and Scientific ChallengeModel ChallengeMovie Challenge
Great ChallengeOffice ChallengeProfessional Packaging ChallengePhoto Challenge
Red ChallengeDesign Education ChallengeSponsor ChallengeStyle Challenge
Sustainable Goods ChallengeTalent ChallengeTourism ChallengeWeb and Networking Challenge
White Goods ChallengeWriting ChallengeYachts ChallengeYellow Machines Challenge
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